Do men prefer light skinned women?

Original post- November 4, 2014

The battle between light skinned women and dark skinned women has long prevailed and as someone of mixed heritage it is something that bewilders me. What’s more shocking than the thought of a colour- off is that darker women are contemplating the use of strong bleaching and whitening products in a bid to lighten their looks.

Born to an English mother and Jamaican father I see myself as privileged, yes I have an all year glow, yes I straighten my hair if I feel like it but easily I’ll wear it curly if I don’t. It wasn’t always this way though, as a child growing up in a predominantly white area my mother hadn’t a clue what to do with my thick and tangled hair, us lighties were few and far and people shared their hell bent views that being half cast as I openly called myself as a child was somewhat of a taboo. It was seemingly worse to come from interracial parents than to be born out of wed lock (not that I give two hoots about either situations.)

Shake it down to 2014 and it seems to be a different story, a story that posed an interesting and debatable question- “do men prefer light skinned women?” Now I’m no scientist and I have no facts or figures but I do have a few theories that may humour you ever so slightly. The music industry is currently afloat with derrière induced songs, most famously Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda,’ and less famously Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty.’ I think it’s an interesting point that body parts of a planetary size are being embraced and celebrated, rather more noticeably by men. Is the male population being brain washed with all these images of seductive and caramel complexions? I’d like to give men some credit but at least they are appreciating the female form but then when didn’t they?

Could men prefer light skinned women due to their 50/50 mix of ethnicity? Could one be so brazen to suggest that men are getting the best of both worlds? A woman that is somehow petite but has accentuated curves in the right places? Big lips with light eyes, Caucasian features mixed with black ones, a super breed of body parts?

Perhaps it is the way that some light skinned women hold themselves that demands attention. From this point of view may I mention I have friends of all creeds but a small minority of my mixed friends have an air of confidence, if a small dose of arrogance. Could it be that because these women carry themselves with such viciousness that men stand up and take notice?

Is it unruly of me to say that in this day and age there are far more interracial couples and families than there has ever been? To go back to my super breed point, I would oppose that we are not, no race is more superior than the other but we have definitely expanded in numbers and due to this it’s much more acceptable to date someone of colour.

Dare I say this but is dating a women of light skin something of a trend? It certainly seems that way throughout the twitter world with hash tags under #lightskinnedgirls praising their beauty but damning their inability to respond to a simple text and thinking they’re all dat!

In my conclusion men like women as standard, they’re not so blinded by the light that they will only go for light skinned women. Women have always and will always be unhappy with something, whether it be that they are too dark and feel to bleach their skin, or that they are too pale and want to wear fake tan. Isn’t it all a little superficial that after everything society is still a tad shallow to be choosing a lover because of colour, than because of what’s underneath? Those lighties shouldn’t be stigmatised as being on their high horse because I’m proof of this, I feel that I’m a pretty level headed person with the attitude to treat people with respect and respond to that lighty loving man because it’s just manners isn’t it, even if you are going to boy them.

By Vanessa Carby


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