International Women’s Day: Our inspirations



Staff Writer Vanessa Carby chose: Fearne Cotton

Why does she inspire you?

She’s always had this energy about her, the television presenter who graced my screen for the first time I can recall in 1998 on ‘Diggit.’ That’s when I was first inspired by the blonde beauty, in those days when I pictured myself in the same position as her. Her career has gone from strength to strength but she’s forever come across as sincere and grounded, so it’s no surprise that she’s heavily involved with charity work.

Having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Red Nose Day and then supporting a whole host of charities including CoppaFeel, Macmillan Cancer Support, Prince’s Trust, Comic Relief, Children In Need and more. Quite simply I think she’s amazing at her job and feel like ITV are missing a trick not hiring her as the next X Factor host, she can’t be half bad when she worked alongside the late Sir Terry Wogan on numerous occasions and so she said on working with the presenting legend, “working with Sir Terry was a joy. I’m honoured and appreciative that I got to work with THE best.” Fearne Cotton is a master of all trades and I respect her flair for fashion, having been so involved with her fashion collaborations with over the years.

I think she inspired people from the onset. eluding that you can wear whatever you fancy and she accessorizes her outfits with an array of beautiful body art. Not only can she design but whilst being a mum and a rock star’s wife, she somehow manages to create domesticated bliss with all the food porn she cooks up in the kitchen. You only need to scroll through the presenter’s social media to see she’s quite the chef and unsurprisingly she has a cookbook titled Cook Happy, Cook Healthy released in June.

We love that Fearne can laugh at herself, which is evident on ITV2’s ‘Celebrity Juice’ where show host Keith Lemon can usually be found ribbing the mother of 2 but times weren’t always so easy when she started out and she fell victim to bullying. I think more than her impressive career that’s spanned around 20 years, what makes Fearne Cotton so inspiring is her kind character, her love for others, her passion for what she does and her positive outlook on life. If you need inspiration when it comes to style, cooking and to having bags of attitude then you should get following Fearne.

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Tuesday 8th March 2016


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