Mrs Carter In Action: A Review At The O2

As the lights dimmed a frenzy of screaming began as we all stared, fixated and eyes ablaze on a projected ‘B’ sign.

It seemed like minutes before the curtain fell revealing a video screen that introduced us to the ‘Mrs Carter Show Tour’.

We watched a video not too dissimilar to the 02 advert, that got us all hyped in the first place and then BOOM, dancers appeared from under the stage and then the audience scrambled to make out if any of them were in fact Beyoncé.

All of a sudden fire fills the stage and a spotlight highlights this fierce lady, the beat kicks in and sets the venue off yet again.

Any idea what her opening was? Well it was suitably ‘Run the World’ and boy did Beyoncé look like she was running things, dressed in an angelic white shimmering leotard, encrusted with diamonds and shoulder pads whilst performing the highly energetic music video routine.

Beyoncé moved swiftly on into ‘End of Time’ stamping her legs aggressively with her backing dancers whilst still looking surprisingly feminine, the routine continues and more dancers appear with Beyoncé telling the arena how beautiful they were.

Before the show had begun me and my friends were trying to fathom which songs would make the grade, after all she did record three studio albums with Destiny’s child and has released four studio albums as a solo artist consisting of ‘Dangerously In Love,’ ‘B’Day,’ ‘I am… Sasha Fierce and‘4

Beyoncé shows no sign of slowing down evening after becoming a mother to her daughter Blue Ivy which brings her to the next song reveal. ‘Flaws & All’ plays as Beyoncé explains her love for her devoted fans and I thought it was rather fitting as she serenaded the audience with lyrics of “I don’t know why you love me and that’s what makes me love you,” every lyric sounded genuine.

After a quick costume change Beyoncé was back and looking sexy in a glittering black leotard with matching cape and cap, I didn’t recognise the song at first but ‘If I Were A Boy’ was eventually revealed and the track sampled The Verves ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ backing track.

Still loving every minute Beyoncé takes a moment to welcome us to the ‘Mrs Carter Show’, her voice hides all trace of being out of breath as she tells the crowds “this is not the show for you to be all cool and sit in your seat,” the crowd interaction continues as she gets the left, middle and right side to scream separately; disappointingly my side doesn’t win.

Beyoncé then notices a birthday banner and gets everyone to shout “Happy Birthday” after the count of three… this could have been a great time to introduce ‘Countdown’ but hold your horses, instead we’re treated to ‘Get Bodied’ as Beyoncé shakes it with Les Twins (famous hip hop dancing twins that currently feature in David Guetta’s ‘Work Hard’ video.)

Predominantly a female audience, Beyoncé was still working it out and she did not disappoint with her rendition of ‘Baby Boy,’ Beyoncé tells us to “wind yo waste” as her dancers do the deed amidst a screen packed with more dancer’s ‘twerking it’ and then the moment I was waiting for arrives.

Beyoncé uncovers the famous moves from the video, proving she can 100% ‘dutty wind’.

Well after that there was only one song choice to follow and that was ‘Diva,’ shortly followed by another favourite of mine ‘Naughty Boy’ and I was really impressed by the stage set up and props.

Her dancers seductively appear behind screens inviting you to watch them, flames rise from the stage and then Beyoncé appears in the centre in yet another sparkly leotard, this time in gold.

This part was very burlesque and I was captured when her dancers appeared with cabaret style feathers to surround our Queen B, circling her as she pulls off moves not too far from a cabaret show. Beyoncé continues the party with ‘Party,’ ‘Dance For You’ and Diplo’s ‘Express Yourself’ before we get to set our sights in a new outfit. ‘Freakum Dress’ totally deserved this flowing red slit down the middle maxi dress, it was sophisticated yet playful.

Yaisa Alarcon, 25 from Chessington said of Beyoncé’s stage costumes that “she looked amazing but she didn’t expect any less,” she also admitted that she wished “there was a place that taught you all of Beyoncé’s dance routines” because she was baffled at how Beyoncé made everything look so polished.

Here’s a pick of my best bits as Beyoncé went on to perform another thirteen to fourteen songs.  The moment Beyoncé was attached to a harness and flew down the middle of the 02 arena was a bizarre one, so in one of her raunchiest outfits, a blue sequinned bodysuit and after laying provocatively on a piano, Beyoncé flew into the centre where a selected few got to sing “to the left, to the left” with the US singer.

I swear she looked in my vicinity at one point as I animatedly pointed to the left again and again; she pulled it out of the bag when she sang ‘Love On Top’ and reached a pitch so high only beings on Mars could hear it.

I was made up and so were all the other Destiny Child fans, when we got to punch our fists in the air along to ‘Survivor’. Another outfit change, this time into beige thigh high boots and a glittering white hot pants and body number, we are treated to a rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’ that sweetly floats into ‘Halo’.

This was probably the first time I wasn’t grinning from ear to ear as the song holds deeper meanings to me but nevertheless it touched everyone in the audience.

Another highlight was when Beyoncé took us deep into Africa with a performance of her new song ‘Grown Woman’ whilst dressed in a colourful leopard print playsuit with a flamenco inspired tail feather. This had to be one of my favourite staging’s as Beyoncé’s dancers’ incorporated woven fans for track ‘Grown Woman,’ I loved the carnival vibe. ‘Green Light’ wasn’t what I expected Beyoncé to close with, if I’m honest when she started thanking her all female band, her dancers and her banking singer’s known as The Mama’s, I still didn’t believe it was over.

Carol Phung, 25 from Kingston Upon Thames thought the same and said “the show was phenomenal but I really thought she’d come back with another song. I guess the show had to end at some point otherwise I wouldn’t have got home until 3am.”

A few days later and me and the other Beyoncé fans are left in a daze, did we really witness that show, because it all seems like a sweet dream to me.


Vanessa Carby



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