VIDEO ::: Etta Bond x Raf Riley ‘Big Girls Vogue’

We’re definitely fans of Etta Bond and Raf Riley here at IAmMusicTV. It could be their upfront bluntness or the allure of their both thought provoking and arousing anthems but the main reason is because they make music with a heartfelt message. ‘Big Girls Vogue’ is another testimony of this statement. Follow Etta Bond on twitter and you’ll find she’s one of those ‘practice what you preach’ type of girls, she’s definitely not afraid to say how she feels and it’s this that makes her relatable in a land where we aim to live up to personified ideals.

Nothing rings more true to me personally in this modernized ‘Vogue’ than when Etta delivers the line “Working up a sweat, dancing hasn’t made me skinny yet”. I can bloody well vouch for that when I can assure you I go hard on the dance floor! The late 80’s and early 90’s emulating video is captivating (I found it strikingly reminiscent of Neneh Cherry’s 1989 video Man Child) and that could just be due to the visuals, the odd dose of lace, leggings and tie dye but most importantly the video features something that the media has dispelled us of and that’s images of curvaceous, thick, shapely and confident women.

Not only do Etta Bond and Raf Riley address the issue of big girls bodies but they present us with the issue of body confidence. Whether waif- like, voluptuous, white or black, there’s a lyric in #BGV that cover’s it “All this talk of dark and light, might buy some bleach tonight,” and “We’re mixed into categories, mixed breeds, pedigrees.”

Meaningful and empowering, it’s still something you can shake your batty to and I salute the ladies of the video or shall I call them ‘Video Girls’ as they’re sexy in their own right without having to be derogatory. “Big girls vogue if you wanna, wear less clothes in the summer, love your shape.” There is no wrong or right when it comes to what size is acceptable but ‘Big Girls Vogue’ celebrates all that a woman can be, whether she wobbles or whether she’s putting in overtime at the gym, all I’m saying is eat what you want and love the skin your in!

If you’re not happy then fix it but life is too short to obsess in the mirror when we’d much rather go for a KFC.  

You can find out more about the musical duo and their forthcoming E.P here:

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Twitter :::

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Written By Vanessa Carby

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