Show me a sign.

Last week I told you how I was due to go on a date or whatever you call it these days with a guy that seemed like a great catch, however what I failed to mention was that this was actually Take 2 of meeting up because the week before my phone had fallen into chaos. I have the worst luck with technology and my mobile phones are notorious for f*cking with me. Long story short, my phone wasn’t functioning, so there was no possible contact between me and my date (unless thinking about it now I had text from someone else’s phone.. the old can I borrow a text card.) Being the worrier that I am, I thought of a way to contact him just to say it would be best to rearrange, so he didn’t think I was making up excuses. How did I contact him? Via Plenty Of Fish (don’t judge me too harshly please!)


These days I think it’s so common to hear lies and drivel, that it’s difficult to fathom out truth from fiction. So in the 2 days of my phone going incognito my mind ran riot (my brain loves to do this frequently) but once my phone had been fixed I was expecting to receive a text backing up my hope that the date had made an effort to contact me as I had. No texts, no voice mail, nothing, but in thinking it over would it have made a difference? Is that me just being sensitively needy? Supposedly my guy had tried calling me but when you’ve got a new phone and it’s last iCloud backup was from the week before, it seems legit that his phone calls wouldn’t appear on my phone so this was something I had to write off.

Sadly that week didn’t work out but we started a fresh and decided we would meet the coming week. I got myself ready and spoke to my date earlier, after the briefest of replies I continued to get ready but 4 hours or so later I hadn’t heard anything, so there I go again, not wanting to seem desperate or needy for information but I appreciate some organisation. I text one last time, you know in a bouncy ‘I’m not angry but I could be soon if y’all don’t answer me’ way.


Delivered but not Read! So I get mad, so mad that if I had gone out I would have put other people off. Checking my sent message in the morning and seeing that it hadn’t been read still infuriated me further but I went about my Saturday afternoon plans and then got a reply some 20 hours later. The guy had actually fallen asleep on some weird 10 hour plus sleepathon which sounds more clowning than my weird phone excuse.

This weekend will be the third time in which we’re attempted to meet and I need to publicly address this and say that if sh*t hits the fan once again it must be a sign right? Are the planets aligning to tell me I shouldn’t bother with this or have these failed attempts been the most annoying coincidences or bouts of bad luck?


Would you give it another shot? Do you believe in signs? It’s been an unfortunate beginning to something that’s not even begun and because of the false starts I don’t feel like my hearts in it now, it’s more like I’m going through the formalities and at the back of my head I don’t see it going anywhere and that’s probably due to my own insecurities but like I’ve said to people, I owe it to myself to say that I made the effort.

As a friend of mine posted this week “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I really don’t go out intentionally looking to be scorned, for me people need to prioritise certain aspects of their life. I always wanted to be that sucker in love but now I feel I’m becoming that person that believes love only happens in fairy tales and even those fair maidens have their fair share of hardships. So who out there thinks I’m crazy to give this a go third time lucky??




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