The Unstagrammer: Cooler On The Internet.

Hip Hip Hooray!

I’d like to introduce you to to a secondary blog as you will, I started my OiCarby word press firstly to keep a track of my writing work portfolio as I’m a freelance writer who’s attempting to branch out of the shackles of rarely being paid but before time I’ve been umming and ahhhing about creating a new blog, I just had to figure out what it was that I wanted to speak about predominantly.

There was that time months ago when I created a new Instagram page to post positive quotes and pictures to encourage my life journey but then I completely forgot my login details and so scuppered. Then a week or so ago I was over thinking as I tend to do when it hit me that social media well and truly p*sses me off but inexcusably I’m part of the social media warrior epidemic. When my food presentation is off the scale I have to capture it, when I’m in a new place of territory I have to take a picture, it’s as much a way for me to capture memories as it is to show off and say “la la, la la la, you can’t have this.”

Living in the new age world has me in deep enough that I want to be apart of it but has me running to in the other direction to warn people not to be sucked in. I guess you could say I’m on the fence, on the one hand I don’t mind some attention when it’s good attention but I’m better known for playing the clown, I’m not one to welcome a photoshoot on a night out as if I’ve been followed by the paparazzi and so The Unstagrammer was born!

image3 (2).JPG Deciding on my new alias

The Unstagrammer will be a place where I’ll mock the ‘look at me’ things we can’t help but do, expect memes, pictures on my travels that might suggest I’m having a ball but in reality I’ve just taken a picture of a restaurant front and walked past, then probably made a really delectable looking dish that could look like I paid in excess of £20 plus. I’m a truthful lass but I worry how some accounts are making us feel like our lives suck and this is why I really try not to follow too many celebrities or models because I’ll hold my hands up to say I’ve scrolled through people’s accounts and then pined from all the amazing experiences they’ve had. I’ll feel jealous for a minute and then I’ll remember all the exciting things I’ve got up to and can look forward to.


So this is a reminder to you, to post all the things you enjoy doing, eating, drinking, believing in because you don’t have to impress anybody. Don’t stand in these generic poses because you feel you look better, behave like a nerd and stick your tongue out if that makes you feel comfortable. We can’t all sun it in Bali but you best believe when we head to Brighton beach we’re gonna takes pictures of that pier like we’re working for Getty Images. I’ve read a lot recently about how some of these people who post all these intimate photographs of their lives are extremely insecure and unhappy and although I’m sure they’re quite grateful for the once in a lifetime opportunities they’re living, there’s probably a lot of things they’re keeping hidden from us.

I think if you’re in a position to inspire people that you should let us see you on your ugly day’s, let us know when your heads not in the game and you fancy a cry. It makes you more likeable and relatable to know you’re not cool 24/7.

image1 (1).PNG

Get involved and tell me what gets your goat across social media and Instagram… I don’t appreciate seeing guys holding wads of cash sat in flossy cars (unless you really did just draw that out of the cash machine and you genuinely own or are looking to own that car.

The Unstagrammer


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