The Unstagrammer: Lovely Lady Lumps

This morning I had the pleasure of watching a BuzzFeed video titled ‘I dressed so you could see my belly fat for a week,’ and it was something I had to watch because not only are BuzzFeed’s videos generally amusing, they can also be so spot on it’s like they’re inside my head.

Here’s the link :::

Years ago when I was much larger than I am now I would quite literally cover my stomach with my handbag, it just seemed the obvious thing to do as in out of sight, out of mind. As I got older and slimmed down I reverted to spanx type pants and now I’m just slightly less bothered about it, hell I still have to position my thong just right and I’ve been known to wear two thongs if the elasticity is shoddy but I promise I’m a lot more relaxed.

image1 (2)@Kelsonation

I’m a relatively fit person, I work out, I eat well most of the time but I’ll indulge and stuff my face when I feel I can. I would kill to have a flat stomach but at the same time I enjoy doing more than just exercising and I’d like to eat more than just salads but forget giving the finger to carbs. I’m 6ft but I’m also a secure size 14 because I’d rather things be comfortable as opposed to them feeling snug and feeling tight in my body dysmorphic world. I have lumps and bumps but on the whole I’m considered slim and athletic.

I know a lot of people see it as second nature to hold their stomachs in on an evening out, to ensure they’re wearing their waist cinching belts too but I’ve got enough on my plate to be worrying about having a little belly bulge. High five to the super lean people out there, I respect and admire you but it’s not for everyone and for those of us with rolls and lumps, it’s a challenge to feel confident. Say I was to try on a body con dress, I would scrutinize my silhouette and worry that my outline wasn’t stream line enough.

Our bodies are so much more than objects.

image2 (1).PNG


And I know I’ve used two plus size models to highlight this blog but you don’t have to be a size 14 and over to experience this hardship that society and instagram memes shun you for. I’ve witness girls who are size 8/10 and still have a little bit of a belly, so really should we just give each other a break? I’ll be brazenly honest and admit that I’d prefer to have no love handles and know that I’m working on that but I know these lumps of fat don’t put people off about me, so embrace those rolls and know that by hiding them, you’re only denying yourself because we see but truthfully we don’t care because we’re too busy day dreaming about burgers and fries.



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