Recycle Me Project

The new year is well behind us what with being a quarter of the way through the year. How did that happen? Those new years resolutions, well what on earth are those? Most of us gave up on those pesky things a few weeks on whilst a minority pushed forward.

I called them New Year Goals and I can only remember one that I well and truly smashed (big head here) but it was an important one because recently I’ve been debating what it is that makes one labelled as ‘materialistic.’ Described lightly as being: excessively concerned with physical comforts or the acquisition of wealth and material possessions, rather than with spiritual,intellectual, or cultural values.

Does that definition describe you?

image1 (4)

My plan was to halt my money spending ways on fashion items that I honestly didn’t need, not only was it wasteful of me but it was wasting money that could be going towards better things like experiences. With a wardrobe that hoarder’s would dream of I thought to myself firstly to give away possessions that I hadn’t worn in years (yup, I have clothes that I wore when I was 19 years old,) and secondly to not buy any clothes for at least 3 months, although initially I had little belief in myself and whittled it down to 1 month. I totally should have been confident about my shopping addiction habits because I didn’t even buy what I felt was an essential in those 3 months, I’m talking underwear and tights.. I ended up discovering tights for the masses and after looking in nooks and crannies, I found more lingerie but obviously you have you’re favourite bits that you live in whilst the rest go into hiding.

Feeling like a martyr and excuse the ott example, I went into my challenge with concerns.

I bought my first piece of clothing for the year on 2nd April and I almost toyed with the idea of purchasing it but then I thought of how it would see my right up until summer and I was sold. May I add it was a Primark item and how savvy of me to be thinking of the multiple ways in which I could enjoy it- shirt dress, shirt dress with jeans/ leggings/ jacket/ picnic blanket… Ok the last one was a joke.

image3 (3).JPG

How did I feel after my transaction? Distinctively underwhelmed but that’s all good, I enjoyed wearing it and got compliments but I know I won’t be in a rush to go back to my weekly online shop ways… or at least I say that until my holiday approaches and summer arrives. My sister tried to say I was contradicting myself when I confessed I was going to buy some trainers and when she did it made me feel a bit lousy because me wanting to buy some new trainers when I buy about 4 a year was a distant cry from buying a handbag that I wouldn’t really get much use out of. Yes trainers are a luxury but I’ve never been brought up seeking maximum luxury items, I’ve been brought up to be thrifty and that means me heading to sale sections online and being hella proud to buy something unbranded as long as I make it look good, that’s all that counts.

After I write this I admit I will be looking online on one of my favourite shops Missguided and it makes me laugh because I paused briefly to remember what the place was called. I want to buy something for the weekend as I’m off for drinks in London but over the past few weeks I’ve been struggling for outfit inspiration, so I’m going to treat myself to one or two reasonably priced separates to mix and max with the rest of my hoard (will probably have whatever I potentially buy for another 10 years ha ha.)

I don’t look down on people that consider themselves materialistic, if you can live beyond your means then so be it but I definitely prefer spending my money on memories rather than possessions.






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