What happened when…

I wore unofficially the most worn dress of carnival?


image1 (9).PNG

I’m talking about the RIANA STRIPED SIDE SPLIT KNITTED MAXI DRESS available from Pretty Little Thing. You might recognise this Caribbean themed dress from our favourite Barbados singer, Rihanna, a replica from her video for track ‘Work.’

I almost aborted the decision to wear this dress purely for the fact that I realised everyone who had bought this dress (and it had been on sale since around June) would be wearing it at this years Notting Hill Carnival. You know how crappy a moment it is when you’re spotted wearing the same outfit, at the same place? There’s the ‘who wore it best?’ and then there’s the embarrassment and wanting the ground to swallow you up. Fortunately for me, this hasn’t happened for many years… that’s probably because I prefer a skirt and top combo; interchangeable for multiple looks rather than the one BUT there was something about this signature dress that brought out the “I couldn’t give a f*ck” attitude.

image2 (5).PNG

Surprisingly, and call me drunk, I only remember spotting around a handful of like wised dressed ladies. There were no catty remarks and there were no sly looks (that I witnessed or took notice of anyways.) Instead myself and the ladies I encountered wearing my knitted yellow, red, green and black dress were some of the most complimentary, self worthy and vivacious women I could have met . Then there were the women who wanted to know where the dress was from, which meant me detailing that the dress was originally £25, then dropped to £12, where I had a code, which meant it only cost me £9… for those that want it ready for carnival 2017 or hope to wear it before summer ends, KEEP READING!!!

Riana Dress £10 @ Pretty Little Thing


VERDICT: So basically everyone was as pretty as a peach when I wore the PLT Rhiana dress to carnival, we probably should have met up and started up our own Pretty Little Thing carnival float. Alas this isn’t the last you’ll see of the unofficial carni dress, no no no you can look out for me at One Love Festival this weekend.


Vanessa x







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